Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What is incorporated within SEO services and Website Marketing?

SEO services history has its earliest roots with Gerald Salton in the 60’s when his team at Harvard and Cornell University created and understood the need to be able to use an information retrieval system, which they named ‘SMART’. ‘ARCHIE’ (shortened from ‘Archive’) followed this in the 1990’s with a much more tailored approach to search. Archie’s Query methodology, incorporated a script and regular expression matcher which combined with a database enabled searchers to view these catalogued web filenames.

Many companies since the ‘dawn of the search engine’ have attempted to be successful but none have achieved it more so than today’s encumbants. Google is still and has been, the main player in the search engine arena since its inception in 1998 - however Microsoft are now taking this seriously with the advent of the purchase of Yahoo and their new Bing service.

Google’s belief is to provide a rapid, automated search as close as possible to ‘natural search’ and adapts its algorithm regularly to look for websites that conform to this. As a consequence, companies realised that being on the first page of the biggest search engines meant more people accessing their website which in turn means more sales of the products and services that were being offered.

Good SEO means website presence and good Website Marketing means more sales.

The Internet marketplace is the place to be - no doubt Yellow Pages would testify to this. Today’s searcher is more fickle with time and search relevance being key factors for both the user and the search engine alike. The search engines now are becoming the decision makers, the website style important but how it is used,speed and ease of communication,and calls to action, are central to sales in organisations.

So what happens when a user lands on your website?

Well the main goal, generally, is to get the user to acquire some of your goods or services , take a moment to think about the rules that apply to you when you purchase something in a retail outlet.
The shop will:

a) Display their purchasable items

b) Make it easy for you to get info on them (ask an assistant / maybe compare options)

c) Most important of all, they make it easy for you to buy them.

Similarly these same rules apply with a website. Examples of this are specials deals and impulsive buys at the checkout.

The key is to make it easy and simple for the user, without bells and whistles (unless you are in this trade!) – KISS works!.

But just remember without SEO people won’t get to you and that is the base requirement.

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