Friday, December 31, 2010

Foot Manicure 3

Foot Manicure 3 Game

This girl has just arrived in town and heard that your store does outstanding foot makeovers. Show this young lady just how good you are by making her feet look as gorgeous as possible.

Have fun with playing Foot Manicure 3 Game

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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Zombie Kids Santa's Survival Game

Play Zombie Kids Santa's Survival

Stay alive as Santa as you blast the incoming waves of zombies. Grab health kits and weapon upgrades.

Have fun with playing Zombie Kids Santa's Survival Game Online

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Xmas Truck Parking

Xmas Truck ParkingGame

Park your Christmas truck in the marked spot. Be quick, and be cautious as levels have time limits.

Play the game Xmas Truck ParkingGame

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Play Santa Can Fly

Santa Can Fly

Launch Santa out of your cannon and get him to go as far as possible as you upgrade many aspects.

Participate in Santa Can Fly Online

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Play Social War

Social War Game

A strategic and tactical masterpiece!! Select images that determine the make-up of your army. Watch as they transform into a raucous army of war-thirsty minions!!

Have fun with playing Social War Game Online

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Download Awakening Moonfell Wood

Download Awakening Moonfell Wood

Right after awaking from a century long slumber, Princess Sophia finds a planet which is devoid of people! Guide her find her friends!

Play the game Download Awakening Moonfell Wood Online

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Download Fear For Sale Mystery of McInroy Manor

Fear For Sale Mystery of McInroy Manor Game

Emma Roberts has been given the job of writing a story about an old haunted manor. Assist her explore the McInroy Estate!

Have fun with Fear For Sale Mystery of McInroy Manor Game Online

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Monday, December 27, 2010

Holiday Frenzy Game

Holiday Frenzy

Click on the groups of Christmas symbols as you explode large groups. Be quick in order to earn explosions.

Have fun with Holiday Frenzy Online

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Play Adventures of Santa

Play Adventures of Santa

Give several Santas the proper path to grab gifts and reach the house and avoid snowmen.

Participate in Play Adventures of Santa Online

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Funny Muzzles Game

Funny Muzzles

The Funny Muzzles have been parted from each other. Place platforms, draw lines and bring them back together.

Have fun with playing Play Funny Muzzles

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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Play Farm Express 2

Play Farm Express 2

As a farmer in the country side, you have to get as much of your harvest to the market place to make the most money. Get as much load to the market as you possibly can.

Play the game Play Farm Express 2

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Friday, December 24, 2010

Wrapper Stacker 2 Game

Wrapper Stacker 2

Stack the gifts cautiously as you are given a certain amount to stack. Balancing beams come later on.

Have fun with Wrapper Stacker 2 Game Online

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Play Legendary Penguin

Legendary Penguin Game

Aim and fire your gun as a penguin. Attempt to wake up the Eskimo in as few of shots as possible.

Have fun with playing Legendary Penguin Online

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Toy Station Defence Game

Toy Station Defence

Purchase new turrets and place them cautiously as hard enemy waves attack you.

Participate in Toy Station Defence

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Christmas Gifts Match Game

Christmas Gifts Match Game

A new game of match 3 on christmas theme .Make 3 or more matches of same presents to remove them from board. Your goal is to clear the highlighted presents to reach next level.

Have fun with Christmas Gifts Match Game

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Play Justin Bieber Makeover

Justin Bieber Makeover Game

Even male superstars get makeovers before they appear live on stage or on television. Justin Bieber is no different, he needs you to give him the best make over possible so all the ladies will adore him.

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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Office Party Night Dressup

Office Party Night Dressup

In this fun game you'll be choosing all three outfits for three occasions today. The first outfit will be for your day at work.

Have fun with Office Party Night Dressup Game Online

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Clobe The Portal Adventure

Clobe The Portal Adventure Game

Guide little smiley yellow ball named Clobe in his adventure of fixing up all the broken portals and obtaining the regard of his people.

Have fun with playing Clobe The Portal Adventure Game

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Mad Laboratory Game

Mad Laboratory Game

The bacterias ran away! Help the mad professor to trap them into a flask.

Participate in Play Mad Laboratory Online

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Sniper Hero Game

Sniper Hero Game

Pop up and snipe soldiers, and hide before you're spotted. Repeat to stay alive and move through levels.

Play the game Sniper Hero

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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tanks Gone Wild Game

Tanks Gone Wild

Fight off tanks as you grab items and upgrade your tank. Survive the growing teams of enemy tanks.

Play the game Tanks Gone Wild Game

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Christmas Zombie Game

Play Christmas Zombie

Make use of the mouse in order to catch presents, blow up enemies and watch the deerband!

Participate in Christmas Zombie Game

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Play Hurry Up Bob

Hurry Up Bob

Guide Bob the builder to climb several platforms, dodge or kill enemies and escape the ever rising lava in this lovely vertical action game.

Play the game Hurry Up Bob

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Spikes Tend to Kill You

Spikes Tend to Kill You Game

Pixel spikes of death. An homage to unbeatable 8bit classics. You will die!

Have fun with Play Spikes Tend to Kill You

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Santa's Helpers

Santa's Helpers

Guide Santa's Helpers get their act together! This is a challenging, match-puzzle game with an innovate sorting mechanic.

Play the game Play Santa's Helpers

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Mystery of Mortlake Mansion Game

Download Mystery of Mortlake Mansion

Explore the dark halls of Mortlake Mansion and find out its secrets! Break the wicked spells and become the master of the mansion!

Have fun with Download Mystery of Mortlake Mansion

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Monday, December 20, 2010

Download Slingo Mystery 2 The Golden Escape

Slingo Mystery 2 The Golden Escape

Guide Maggie Gold as she seeks to discover why Freddy’s money has not solved her problems.

Have fun with playing Download Slingo Mystery 2 The Golden Escape

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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Santa Dress Up Game

Santa Dress Up

Santa's looking for the most wonderful chic outfit to wear for his Christmas presents delivery session. Do you think you can assist him decide upon the sweetest outfit?

Have fun with Santa Dress Up

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Play Total Chips

Total Chips Game

Any good with numbers? Test out your skills with Total Chips the brand new brain training game! See the number, add the number, subtract the number - it is as easy as that! The faster you answer the more you'll score!

Play the game Play Total Chips Online

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Graveyard Jewel

Graveyard Jewel

Legend has it that the largest, most beautiful gem in the universe has been buried deep within a haunted graveyard.

Play the game Play Graveyard Jewel Online

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Superpages Super Switch

Play Superpages Super Switch

Create clusters of matching items! Create enough clusters and you'll move on to the next round. Keep close track of the SuperGuarantee shields; cluster them together and you will activate the power play!

Play the game Superpages Super Switch Game

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Santa Rockstar Metal Xmas 3

Santa Rockstar Metal Xmas 3

Prove your guitar abilities playing Christmas songs Metal style! With brand new songs and updated game functions.

Participate in Play Santa Rockstar Metal Xmas 3 Online

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Christmas Wedding Game

Christmas Wedding Game

It is ultimately here! It's time for a romantic Christmas wedding. Brittany and her sweetheart are tieing the knot and all she ever wanted was a stunning Christmas Wedding.

Play the game Christmas Wedding

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Play Mars 2180

Mars 2180 Game

Defend your martian base from waves of attacking aliens. Turret upgrades become available depending on an experience based system and stars you accumulate that upgrade a turret to a new model.

Have fun with Mars 2180 Game

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My Little Princess

My Little Princess Game

This little princess has numerous clothes she's trouble selecting which she would like to wear for her dinner party tonight. Help her get ready for the special event.

Have fun with My Little Princess

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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Army Training

Play Army Training

Prove you're the best soldier simply by taking down forces in a challenging training ground. Shoot down wooden targets while rescuing hostages as quickly as you can! Be aware, there is not much time and you have limited ammo!

Have fun with Play Army Training Online

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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Truck City

Truck City

Drive your truck over the obstacles as you pick-up the cash and avoid tipping over.

Play the game Play Truck City

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

City Siege

City Siege Game

Avoid killing innocents, as you kill all of baddies on every single new stage.

Participate in Play City Siege

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Monday, December 13, 2010

Ice Age Rampage

Play Ice Age Rampage

A brand new tilty truck game set in a frozen atmosphere in the ice age.

Have fun with playing Play Ice Age Rampage Online

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Download Sherlock Holmes and the Hound of the Baskervilles

Sherlock Holmes and the Hound of the Baskervilles

Charles Baskerville is the most up-to-date victim of a centuries-old curse! Help Holmes break the curse before the upcoming murder occurs!

Participate in Sherlock Holmes and the Hound of the Baskervilles

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Mount House Escape Game

Mount House Escape

Mount House is nice spot to escape but, you need basic escaping skills. I think you're not really going to escape from mount house, are you? Good luck and have fun!

Play the game Mount House Escape Online

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Friday, December 10, 2010

Donkey Kong ATV Game

Donkey Kong ATV

Donkey Kong is driving his ATV and he wants your assistance on collecting his bananas on the way. Can you help Donkey Kong and make a highscore ?

Play the game Play Donkey Kong ATV

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Play Emma the Skier

Emma the Skier Game

Emma is spending her Christmas holiday in a luxurious ski resort in Switzerland and she is having a superb time. She's to look her best in such an exclusive place, so help her pick the outfit and ski equipment which suit her best.

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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Twisted A Haunted Carol Game

Download Twisted A Haunted Carol

Uncover the dark side of Charles Dickens’ famous Christmas Carol story! Guide Marley get revenge on the old miser, Scrooge.

Have fun with Twisted A Haunted Carol Game Online

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Play Old Girl

Old Girl Game

In Old Girl game, you search around for finding objects and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

Play the game Play Old Girl Online

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Play Let's Make a Snowman

Let's Make a Snowman Game

Wow, it is snowing outside. Let's make a snowman, ok? 1st you should use spade and your hands to make a great snowman. Then you can make-up it with clothes, face, arms and so on. How interesting it is!

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Wednesday, December 8, 2010



Terrorists have initiated a major ambush in trying to steal nuclear fuel cells from our secret base. Get deployed quickly and protect our nuclear fuel cells at any cost!

Play the game Play Confrontation Online

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Dreamy Princess Game

Dreamy Princess Game

Help dress this stunning wonderful princess with the cutest dresses, and royal crowns. Find the best fashion accessories for only the most royal, and shoes to match. Help her look like the most amazing princess in all the lands.

Have fun with playing Dreamy Princess Game

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Storm Ops Game

Play Storm Ops

Shoot down enemies as you earn money for much better guns and scopes in this fantastic shooting game.

Have fun with Storm Ops Game Online

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Stylish Gothic Bride Dress Up

Play Stylish Gothic Bride Dress Up

Gothic fashion is all about being brazen and bending the regular norms of fashion ideas. A Gothic wedding theme is very popular and very much in vogue now-a-days.

Participate in Stylish Gothic Bride Dress Up Game

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