Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Play Selena Gomez Makeup


Selena Gomez is one of the most favorite celebrity and also singer all around the world. Please give her a make-up so that she can look wonderful on the red carpet.

Play the game Selena Gomez Makeup Game

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Play Styles at Wedding


Alina is invited to a beautiful wedding party that takes place in the royal palace and she must look good this evening. You should help her find the greatest night dress and select matching shoes and accessories.

Play Styles at Wedding Online

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Play Madonna Fairy Ice Cream


The orders are in the top left corner of the screen. Use the recipe book in order to see steps to make every ice cream.

Participate in Madonna Fairy Ice Cream Game

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Every Day The Same Dream


Every day the same dream is a a little existential riff on the theme of alienation and refusal of labor. The idea was to charge the cyclic nature of most video games with some kind of meaning (i.e. the 'play again' is not a game over). Yes, there is an end state, you can 'beat' the game.

Play Every Day The Same Dream Game Online

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Meteor Launch


On a remote tropical island far, far away there lived a young man who adored stargazing. Every single evening he was looking at the skies and admiring the stars. Until one day... Suddenly, a star fell out of the skies and landed right on his island! The boy found the crater and a unhappy looking meteor inside of it. Of course, he chose to send the meteor back into space to make it a happy and shining star again. Would you like to assist him? Featuring an aeorodynamic and pimpable meteor, upgrades, fireflies, a weird shaman, and much more.

Play the game Meteor Launch

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Play Tessera


Tessera is a find the differences type on-line puzzle game in which you must find out the differences between 2 photos.

Have fun with Tessera Online

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Pipe It 2D


Rotate each piece pipe and get all of the pipes to connect to each other.

Participate in Pipe It 2D Game

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The Light Work Game


The Light Work is a Zuma like online flash puzzle game where you fly around as being a fairy and use the exact same rules as Zuma games in order to make the chain disappear.

Play The Light Work Game

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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Play Hypertube


Elevate yourself into the sky simply by dropping balls onto the turning cylinder in order to match three or much more of the same color in this 3-D action puzzler. Choose between the normal game with levels, or the Survival mode!

Have fun with Hypertube Game Online

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Play Puff Sleeve Trend


A heart warming lady needs a couple of puff sleeve blouses and gowns in her wardrobe. That's how she changes her stunning style every now and then. Choose one puff sleeve of your style!

Play the game Play Puff Sleeve Trend

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Play Chinese Cutie Dress Up


Drag & drop the outfits to the young lady to try the various options.

Play the game Play Chinese Cutie Dress Up Online

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Play Eclipse Wedding


A totally unique, exquisite, full moon eclipse wedding requires a few absolutely original, unique expensive outfits, don't you agree? Be these freshly weds' fashion stylist!

Play the game Eclipse Wedding Game

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Play Demi Lovato Dress Up


Dress-up the celebrity girl Demi Lovato with the given accessories as well as clothing.

Play Demi Lovato Dress Up

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Monday, June 28, 2010

Play Megan the Fox


Do not allow the creatures touch you or escape as you shoot them and gather gems from them.

Have fun with Megan the Fox Online

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The Harry Stick Journey Game


In this adventure game, you must place items and see how they affect the environment and guide Harry survive.

Play the game The Harry Stick Journey Online

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The Way of the Brisk


Battle 6 different opponents with karate-style fighting in The Way of the Brisk!

Play The Way of the Brisk Game

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Street Skills Soccer Game


Avoid cars, trees, flying watermelons and runaway elephants in your race in order to get to the big game timely.

Participate in Play Street Skills Soccer Online

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Gladiator Hidden Alphabets


Here you must find out the hidden alphabets from the given Gladiator image. Search thoroughly in order to get all of the alphabets from A to Z, that are hidden in the photo.

Have fun with Play Gladiator Hidden Alphabets

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Mr and Mrs Jerry Kissing Game


Tom & Jerrys' small fights are always pleasant to watch. Lets prepare yourself to watch another one. Here Jerry and his pair are supposed to kiss each other without getting noticed by Tom. Make them kiss and fill the kissing loader before the time gets over.

Have fun with Mr and Mrs Jerry Kissing Game Online

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Blobble Wars Game


Blobble Wars is a physics centered strategy game. Take the other team's towers before they take yours!

Participate in Play Blobble Wars

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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Play Black and White


Black and white is a semi-short puzzle platformer where you deal with 2 characters simultaneously, and whose actions are mirrored.

Have fun with playing Black and White Game

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Carnival Showdown

Photobucket Think you're a sharp shooter? Then saddle up, cowboy, it's time for a show!

Participate in Play Carnival Showdown Online

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Mermaid Makeover Game


Even when you live under the sea, you need to look wonderful!

Have fun with Play Mermaid Makeover

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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Zombie Streaker Game


Your mission is to survive as long as you can against the lots of nasty zombies...

Play the game Zombie Streaker Online

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Temple Hidden Alphabets


In this game you need to find out the hidden alphabets from the provided Temple picture. Search carefully in order to get all the alphabets from A to Z, that are hidden in the photo.

Play the game Temple Hidden Alphabets Online

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Sniper Freedom Game


One mean dude wants out of prison, and it is your job to assist him! Make use of your superior sniper skills to make the perfect getaway. But be careful; one false shot and you are caught!

Have fun with Sniper Freedom Game Online

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Play Twee Game


Twee is a pretty old style platform game. Jump and run through twelve lovely maps. Collect power-ups, flatten enemies, jump over traps, rescue the girl.

Play the game Play Twee Game

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Friday, June 25, 2010

Banana Lure


Please use the left and right arrow keys to make little monkey jump between two trees to dodge the poisonous mushrooms. Have a great time!

Have fun with playing Play Banana Lure

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Perfect Chicken


Test your cooking skills in the kitchen! See if you can make the perfect chicken for your girl friend!

Have fun with Perfect Chicken

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Play The Orc Slayer


Some day our hero was walking through the forest and suddenly he found the mystical weapon called orc slayer. With its power the boy will finally be able to defeat the evil dragon king together with your guidance.

Play The Orc Slayer Game Online

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The Roaring Twenties Game


The Roaring Twenties is a time management game where you have to run an employment company.

Have fun with Play The Roaring Twenties

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Max Damage 2


Max is back with some brand new toys including a machine gun and laser. Topple bbq pits on to fridges, burn bookcases and disintegrate microwaves! Cause maximum damage to pass 50 levels in this addictive physics game.

Play Max Damage 2

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Play Duality


Good or Evil? Your choice to make! Who to save, and who to forsake?

Play the game Duality

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Use your imagination and decorate your perfect kitchen. Use your mouse and click on the category buttons to choose the items you like best!

Participate in Funny Makeup 

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Play Funny Makeup


This pretty girl is invited to a celebration and the concept is funny faces. Help her get a funny yet lovely face with these cosmetics and painting so that she can stand out in this party. Enjoy!

Participate in Play Funny Makeup 

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Play Its Your Birthday


A delicious birthday cake is probably the most important thing to have on your birthday celebration! Create your own cake and see how many visitors come to your party!

Have fun with Its Your Birthday Game

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East Fantasy Game


This game is based on an ancient Chinese legend. Numerous fairies decided to travel towards east, but it appears that they met several obstacles along the way. Needless to say it was a small situation for them, why? Because they had magic power and kung fu!

Have fun with playing Play East FantasyOnline

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Office Girl Game


This office girl has to put in long hours at work, but she additionally really wants to look stylish and stunning all the time. Give her a helping hand and select a brilliant outfit and hairstyle and a few nice, matching accessories.

Have fun with playing Office Girl

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Ginger Girl Dress Up Game


View the categories by clicking the hearts next to the category names. Apply make up by clicking on the colour you want and then clicking the proper spot to apply it. Try on the clothes simply by clicking on them.

Have fun with playing Ginger Girl Dress Up Game

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Dooboo Spidrix Game


DooBoo Spidrix is a physics puzzle game with challenging levels, amazing music, and awesome artwork. An absolute must-play!

Play Dooboo Spidrix 

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Bomber Knights


Take the role of a noble knight as he takes benefit of his explosives to explore the castle, and to take on the Dark Wizard's scary forces!

Have fun with playing Bomber Knights

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Weapons on Wheels


Navigate your car through every single level; if you can't reach the top 4, you may face disqualification! Spend your money on upgrades or save it until the end of the game to boost your score!

Have fun with Weapons on Wheels

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Play Wasteland Defender


Wasteland Defender is a neat and a little hard tower defense game. Position towers and make use of several upgrades to defend all of the incoming waves of enemies.

Have fun with playing Play Wasteland Defender Online

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Gorgeous Bride Dressup Game


It's the most important day for this lady. She is going to walk down the aisle with her beloved man. Please dress her up and make her the prettiest bride. Have fun!

Play Play Gorgeous Bride Dressup

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Dream Stack


Hit the patterns with shapes of the same color in order to avoid the screen from filling.

Participate in Dream Stack

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Cannon Shot Game


Launch the coloured balls out of your cannon and make the balls touch similar coloured blocks.

Participate in Play Cannon Shot Online

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Play Potty Racers 2


Fly your port-a-potty as far as possible as you upgrade it. Various areas contain different items.

Play the game Play Potty Racers 2 Online

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Red and Blue Balls 3


Use the red and blue ball characters to make it through every level as they require each others help.

Play the game Red and Blue Balls 3

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Lover Game


Erase patterns to begin the physics actions in motion to make both the king and queen to touch each other.

Participate in Play Lover Game

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Elva in Frankfurt


Elva is now in Frankfurt in order to visit her German buddies. She knows she will have a lot of fun here however feeling in the mood needs dressing the proper clothes! Assist her choose pretty clothing from her suitcase.

Play Elva in Frankfurt Game Online

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