Sunday, March 20, 2011

Continually Don't Forget to properly Fulfill Incentives for Surveys!

Are you utilizing surveys online like a method of gathering data and survey? Nowadays marketers attempt to do so at some time or any other, and it can really be quite useful. But there are problems that can arise too - and a lot of them center around trying to loyalty rewards processing service

When it reaches to loyalty rewards processing and wanting to fulfill incentives for surveys (since the two are mainly the same) - the actual fact of the matter is that it is never as fundamental as most people assume!

As an example: You can not just blindly fulfill whatever incentive you promised. When you do that you'll want to carry out some sort of incentive check fulfillment to ensure that you check over the survey data you've gathered and determine whether or not it can be compliant!

Which means that your loyalty rewards processing (and incentive check process) moves something like this:

• Receive completed survey or loyalty reward claim

• Validate that it is genuine and check against your set of issued surveys or loyalty points

• Capture the info that has been sent in the form itself and choose whether or not it is 'compliant' to your requirements

• If compliant, fulfill incentives for surveys at the earliest opportunity!

Now the biggest challenge with this process of incentive check fulfillment and loyalty rewards processing is checking regardless of whether a survey or claim is 'compliant'. Unfortunately no matter how hard you attempt it is ridiculously difficult to automate that process - specifically if the survey involved contains a lot of subjective questions that may have numerous responses.

How do you determine which responses are valid and those aren't?

For that reason - usually people find that they need to fulfill incentives for surveys manually. Needless to say, this can be tedious and time-consuming - and that's why in recent years many marketers have begun to outsource it!

In these modern times, you need to be able to find a incentive check fulfillment this handles incentive check fulfillment, rebates, and so forth.

At the end during the day - the checks involved are very very similar anyway.

Particular services genuinely generally contain the experience, manpower, and training to deal with these situations and so they could handle a lot of the grunt work for your benefit and simply issue you with reports once a month or so!

Assuming you're more comfortable with the idea of outsourcing, this is a great way to solve the situation.

On the other hand you might like to consider employing an individual over a part time or regular basis to fulfill incentives for surveys - preferably someone with example of that area. Should you be handling a large volume this might prove to require greater than a single person though, which could mean a small extra cost on your side!

All things said and done, incurring expense is still infinitely better than not being able to fulfill incentives that you have promised!
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